Last Minute Mother’s day and Birth Mother’s day gift ideas

So it’s almost the weekend and you’re still looking for that perfect gift for Mother’s day or Birth Mother’s day, well you’ve come to the right place…here are 5 options that will save the day.

1. Make a donation to Adoption STAR in her name. – The mother or birth mother who you make the donation in honor of will receive a beautiful card from the agency acknowledging the donation, and you will get the satisfaction that not only did you find a gift on-time, but that it went to a great cause.

2. OK, now that the shameless plugging portion of this post is over with, a great idea for a younger child to give to their mother or birth mother is a box of love – I’ll admit that I stole this idea from my younger sister, but I’m sure she’s OK sharing her creative genius. To create a box of love you need a nice looking box, a bow and…well that’s it. Wrap the bow around the box and deliver it to your mother or birth mother with the instructions not to open the box or else all of the love that you placed in the box will fly away. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser, and pay no attention to the similarities to Pandora’s box.

3. Is there anything better than brunch? – I say no, so take your mother and the rest of the family out to a great brunch at a local restaurant, and if you’re in Buffalo, there are a lot of great options. Mother’s day is probably one of the busiest brunch days of the year, so you may want to make a reservation or plan on a long wait.

4. Something for the vain-gene in all of us, find a great picture of you (or your child) with your mother (his/her birth mother) and place it in a nice frame – if you’re feeling especially creative, and have the time, get the frame engraved with a special saying.

5. OK, back to the shameless plugging portion of this post. –

The top part of the heart represents two mothers supporting and loving their little star.

Adoption STAR has a beautiful piece of jewelry, which was designed by jeweler Reg Schopp (an Adoption STAR grandfather.) The top of the heart respresents two mothers supporting and loving their little star. It is a perfect gift for either Mother’s day or Birth Mother’s day, even if you may have to deliver the gift after the fact, the recipient is bound to love the pendant for many years to come. The sterling silver pendant and chain can be ordered for $52.00, and checks should be made payable to Adoption STAR inc. Mail orders to Adoption STAR, 131 John Muir Drive, Amherst, NY, 14228. If you need the pendant shipped, please add $2.10 for shipping.

The shameless Adoption STAR plugging portion of this post is officially over, for real this time.

No matter what gift you give or receive on Mother’s day and Birth Mother’s day, Adoption STAR hopes you are celebrating the days with loved ones and this is a great weekend for everyone involved!