Open Adoption: Post Adoption Contact

What is post adoption contact?  It is another way of describing an open adoption, often within a written agreement between the adoptive parents and birth parents.

Whether you are an expectant parent making an adoption plan or a potential adoptive parent, one of the biggest decisions you will make is how much post adoption contact you hope to have after placement.

At Adoption STAR we believe in and encourage post adoption contact because it benefits everyone involved in the adoption journey. There are different levels of “openness” and in some cases this will mean birth parents and adoptive parents sharing non-identifying information, while in other situations adoptive parents and birth parents will feel comfortable with a full exchange of identifying information.

No matter who you are in the adoption journey, open adoption can be a scary thought if you have only recently heard about it.  During the beginning stages of your relationship with Adoption STAR, you will learn more about the process and have the opportunity to discuss your fears to eliminate any lingering doubts you may have about open adoption.

Open adoption is beneficial for everyone involved, most importantly the child. It is important that expectant parents consider all of their options including processing the open adoption option.

While Adoption STAR provides a definition of the range of post adoption contact, the agency asks that adoptive be open minded and receive education on the many benefits of having an open adoption.

Adoption STAR is an agency dedicated to maintaining connections between adoptive families and birth families and offers education and support with an open adoption plan.