Same Sex Parents and Nagging Birth Certificate Issues

As a story on NPR’s Morning Edition highlighted, some same sex parents are still facing issues with securing accurate birth certificates for their children.
At an Adoption STAR orientation session on 9/20/15, an attendee asked questions regarding whether or not same sex couples that were interested in adopting a child could still ultimately have difficulty getting both of their names listed on an adopted child’s birth certificate once an adoption had transpired and been finalized.

Interestingly enough, the Supreme Court of the United States’ ruling on same sex marriage in late June of this year was enough to seemingly put this question to bed for the vast majority of states in our country. For example, SCOTUS made it clear that a New York-based, married same sex couple was entitled to a birth certificate for their Ohio-born son that specifically listed both of their names on it, in spite of the fact that Ohio didn’t recognize same sex marriage at the time of the child’s adoption.

However, as per a news story by Jennifer Ludden that aired during the 9/21/15 edition of NPR’s Morning Edition, there are pending lawsuits in a “handful” of states regarding birth certificate issues for children of same sex couples. While its encouraging to hear that the number of states in question is only a “handful,” it is discouraging that same sex couples may still feel discomfort with a potential placement opportunity strictly based on the fact that the child’s birth state will not be easy to work with when it comes to this distressing birth certificate issue.

To hear the story in question, please click on the following link: Gay Parents Face Issues With Birth Certificates In Some States