Same Sex Couples and Adoption in Alabama

A recent article highlights how same sex couples that are adoptive parents can be adversely affected by gay marriage bans.

S-AL-Flag-SealThere are several Adoption STAR blog posts that have been devoted to issues around same sex couples, marriage, and adoption. Our most recent posts have focused more heavily on happenings in Ohio and a potential Supreme Court ruling, as this is a decision that will have a great impact and several Adoption STAR families that have adopted Ohio-born children and are married couples of the same sex. In other words, we have a lot of skin in this particular Ohio-based game, so forgive us if we seem a little single-minded!

However, a recent article in reminded us of how widespread and varied the state-specific legal approaches are to married same sex couples that have adopted children. The article in question is dated 2/3/15 and was written by Kent Faulk. It features the story of two Alabama-based women who plan to seek a joint adoption of their 8-year-old daughter as soon as a stay on gay marriage is lifted in Alabama later this month.

You can find a full link to the article here: Vestavia Hills women to seek joint adoption of daughter as soon as stay is

As one of the quotes in the article seems to allude to, same sex couples that are raising children have always viewed themselves as families, as have all the people who know and love them – be they extended family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or others. Now the question becomes this – Will laws be enacted that finally provide these families with a level of legitimacy that they (and their loved ones) believe they should have, but currently do not have