Travel for the Purpose of Adoption and ICPC

The child you may choose to adopt may be born in another geographic location or state then you are residing.

Travel in this case can be uncertain. Although you may be given a specific date for travel, this date may change unexpectedly due to a birth parent changing their mind, unexpected medical issues, change of times, weather conditions or other circumstances. Adoption STAR cannot overstate the importance of purchasing flexible tickets, which are refundable or changeable. Once you arrive at the destination, events there may delay your return home through circumstances of which Adoption STAR is unaware or which arise while you are there.

Additionally, if the child you plan on adopting is born in a state other than your home state, you will go through a process known as the ICPC, which stand for the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children. You will not be permitted to take the child to your home state until you receive approval from the ICPC Administrators in both the sending and receiving states. You should be prepared for approval to take at least 7-14 days. Further delays can occur for any reason including but not limited to, if the placement falls on or around a holiday or the ICPC office is understaffed for any reason. Failure to comply with ICPC requirements may jeopardize your adoption.

The ICPC is involved to protect the child’s best interest as well as yours by making sure the adoption was done correctly and adheres to the regulations and laws governed by the different states involved.