Please Meet Our Florida, New York, and Ohio Staff.

Adoption STAR is often praised for the level of commitment of its staff. You will often find staff members coming into work evenings and weekends to meet the needs of clients and to conduct adoptive placements.

The agency is proud of its incredibly dedicated employees. Not only are many of them personally touched by adoption, but the qualifications of the staff are impressive, including degrees in Social Work, Psychology, Education and other related field. Their combined expertise, training and passion is the secret to the success of Adoption STAR

Adoption STAR staff includes full-time and part-time employees. These individuals consistently deliver a high level of integrity, confidentiality and personalized attention.

The agency invites you to get to know the staff personally by sending them an email, telephoning the agency or simply dropping by the office. Click on their name under their picture and read about each Adoption STAR staff member.

If you move your mouse over the child photo you will see the staff person as they are today – all grown up!

New York

Shannon Boeheim, MSW Adoptive Parent Social Worker and Family Advocate

Rachael Metz, LMSW Adoptive Parent Social Worker and Family Advocate

Megan Montgomery, LMSW International Adoption Coordinator

Sue Shaw, BS Birth Parent Department Supervisor

Lisa Geiger, MS Client Support

Susan Reardon Adoptive Parent Mentor & Coach

Frances Martin, LMSW Adoption Social Worker

Jessica Brumbaugh, LMSW Adoption Social Worker

Lynlee Barbour, LMSW, MPH Adoption Social Worker

Kathleen Cores, MSW, LCSW Adoption Social Worker

Angela Young-Stevenson, LMSW Adoption Social Worker

Marie Dolfi, LCSW Adoption Social Worker

Marjorie Beldue, LCSW-R Grief and Crisis Counselor

Mary-Jean Gianquinto, LMSW Adoption Social Worker

Stephanie Velez-Hilliard, MSW Birth Family Advocate

Nuala Campbell, M.S. Ed., N.C.C. Adoption Social Worker

Flory G. Herman, Esq. Counsel Emeritus

Peter Winkler, LMSW Adoption Social Worker

Joyce Morier, MSW Social Worker

Heather Mauro, MSW Adoption Social Worker

Stephanie M. Shaw, M.S., C.R.C. Adoption Social Worker

Talya Meyerowitz, MS Adoption Social Worker

Steven M. Baranowski, LMSW Adoption Social Worker

Stephanie Meeker, MS Adoption Social Worker

Becki Buck, MSW, LSW Adoption Social Worker

Susan Roman, MSW Adoption Social Worker

Michele A. Kirsh, M.S. Ed. Adoption Social Worker

Kaitlin Incorvia, MSW Adoption Social Worker

Ladi Agahiu, LMSW Adoption Social Worker

Erin Hutchison, LMHC Adoption Counselor and Family Advocate

Katee Gately, BSW
Birth Family Advocate

Ariel Harris
MSW Intern

Executive Staff

Michele Fried, BS Founder & CEO

Michael Hill, MS Agency Associate Director

Kathy Crissey, MS, LMHC Director of Adoption

Lori Craig, BS Executive Assistant


Administrative Staff

Zack Fried Client Relationship Manager & Adult Adoptee Support Group Leader

Chris Fancher Tapestry Books Resource Associate

Marketing and Development

Kristin Ackerman Development Associate

Geoff Forman Internet Marketing Specialist


April Fong, MSW, LSW Ohio Program Director 

Amy Deeds, MSEd., LPCC Adoption Assessor

April Hughes, MSSW, LSW Adoption Social Worker

Emily Detrick, MSW, LSW Adoption Social Worker

Alexandra Henry, BA Office Support

Carol Lamb, BSSW, LSW Client Support

Tyla Dudley, MSW, LSW Adoption Assessor

Christi Scheid, BS Adoption Assessor


Alice Kelly, BA Florida Program Director

Stacey Levine, LMHC Adoption Social Worker