Filling Out Child Interest Grids

Buzzfeed recently posted a video that will ring true (and familiar) for both current and prospective adoptive parents.

couple-kitchen-paperwork-using-laptop-5931688During a recent agency staff meeting, Adoption STAR MSW Intern Ariel Harris indicated that she had seen a recent video on-line that featured people who said they were (or would at some point in the future) consider adopting. After professing their interest in adoption, the folks featured in the video read through documents that are similar to what our agency calls “child interest grids,” or documents that help clients and Adoption STAR staff identify children that the prospective adoptive parents would be interested in adopting.

Filling out the child interest grids is never an easy job, as it involves research, discussion, careful deliberation, and perhaps even a meeting with a healthcare professional (to better understand all of the information that prospective adoptive parents need to review and consider as they contemplate adopting a child).

Ariel shared the link to the video with all the staff here at the agency, and we all thought it was well worth sharing. Here’s a link:

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